How Does A Bong Work? The Answer May Surprise You

How Does A Bong Work?

How Does A Bong Work?

If you’re new to smoking that sticky icky you might be wondering what the best way to smoke is. For a lot of smokers, the answer to that question is with a bong. Sure, that seems like a good route but how does a bong work? I’m so glad that you asked. First, it’s all about the air flow. Without proper air flow, there is no way to pull smoke into the bong. The way it works is actually pretty simple. First, you use suction to pull air (and smoke) through the water inside the bong and into your lungs. Sounds simple enough, right? However, there are countless versions and variations of bongs to choose from and some may work differently than others. In this piece, I’ll cover how bongs work and the important things to consider when purchasing a bong. You’ll be a bong pro soon enough! Let’s break it down a bit further for you. Into individual pieces. First, there is the bong itself. There are many styles to choose from. From a Z shaped Zong to a standard beaker, there are literally hundreds of options. For the sake of familiarity, I’ll go over the standard beaker bong style first. Next, we’ll get into the whole “how does a bong work?” discussion in more detail and talk about some other styles too. There are three main components of a standard beaker style bong. First up, the bowl. The bowl is the removable piece that you fill with your flower. Next is the down stem. The down stem is the tube that connects your bowl to the bong itself. Finally, there is the actual bong. You keep water in the base of the bong itself.

The Science Behind The Smoke

Now you know the different parts of a bong. But exactly how does a bong work? Assuming you have the kind of bong we’re talking about, there really isn’t much to it. I’ll explain how it works to show you the science behind the smoke. First, you’ll have to put all of the pieces together. Insert the down stem into the body of the bong and make sure it fits snug. Next, add water to the bong until it covers the hole(s) in the bottom of the down stem. Finally, pack the bowl with sticky green goodness. Then insert the bowl into the top end of the down stem with a snug fit. Now you’re ready to smoke! Put your mouth on the neck of the bong (making a seal). Touch a flame to the packed bowl and inhale. Pull out the bowl. Boom! You just took a bong rip! One cool thing about using a bong instead of a dry pipe is that a bong uses water. Water can cool down your hits and make them more smooth and enjoyable. Another cool way (pun intended) to get icy cold hits is to put some ice into the neck of the bong before you use it. However, not all bongs are equipped for ice. Some bongs have indentations in the neck so you can put ice in it without breaking your down stem. Why would you want to put ice in your bong? Ice cools down the hits meaning you can take a bigger hit. Bigger hits mean a bigger high. However, make sure you stay vigilant. While ice may cool down your hits, it also melts. If enough of your ice melts, you might end up sucking up some bong water into your mouth. Nobody wants that.

How Much Water Should You Put In Your Glass Bong?

How much water should you put in your glass bong? The answer to that question depends on how big your bong is and how long your down stem reaches. First, water is a super important part of any bong. It’s what filters the smoke and gets some of the nasty tar out of it. It also helps cool down the hits. The more water there is for the smoke to filter through, the cooler your hits will be. Balance is key. You want to have enough water to properly filter your hits. Also, you don’t want too much water, or you’ll end up with a mouth full of used bong water. You want the water level to be about an inch over the hole at the end of the down stem. Just enough to give you a lot of percolation without splashing up into your mouth. Some people even venture out and fill their bongs with liquids other than water. I have seen people use orange juice, grape soda, beer, etc. You name it and someone has put it in their bong and smoked through it at some point. While you can do whatever you like with your own bong, here at Glass Nation we don’t recommend using anything besides clean, clear, preferably filtered cold water. Making sure that you always use clean water, and regularly clean the inside of your bong will ensure that it lasts as long as it should. How does a bong work? Best with clean water. Besides, who wants to smoke through milk?

What Is The Perfect Size of A Bong?

After reading this far you might be asking yourself what is the perfect size of a bong? That really depends on what you are getting it for. Is it going to be your daily driver bong? Or is it going to be a travel piece? Or a heady to flex with? what kind of bong you want will determine the proper size of a bong you should be looking for. Let’s say this next bong is going to be your new daily driver bong. Go as big or as small as you want. It’s the one you’re gonna use the most so make sure you like it. Alternatively, if it is gonna be a travel bong I would say go small. Maybe even silicone. Finally, if it’s heady to show off with, size is not as important as quality. A big huge bong is cool for a lot of reasons. First, just by looking at it a lot of people are either going to be intimidated or impressed. Not everybody has the lung capacity to use a huge bong. Next, make sure that you can easily smoke with the piece you end up getting. Don’t let your eyes be bigger than your lungs. Big bongs make big hits. However, the opposite is not true for small bongs. Small bongs are capable of putting out the same size clouds as their larger counterparts. The only difference is that the smaller the bong, the less water it can hold. The less water a bong can hold the less the cooling effect will work. That means it might be a bit harsher through a smaller bong. Looking for a bong on the bigger end? Check this one out! Looking for a bong on the smaller side? Check this one out!

What Are The Best Glass Bongs?

What are the best glass bongs? First, that all depends on what you are looking for. In this section, I’ll go over three brands that are more than worth taking a look at. Especially if you are in the market for a new piece. For example, how does a bong work? Better if you do your research before you buy. As a matter of fact, research is key. In addition, we hope you start your research here at Glass Nation!

How Does A Bong Work? (HVY Glass)

HVY Glass is a Los Angeles based borosilicate glass company. They are known for making a variety of beautiful bongs in many different styles. The visual artwork and glass blowing technique used in making each HVY Glass bong into a masterpiece. They make a straight tube design with an angled joint. Each HVY bong comes with a bowl that matches the colors used in the body of the piece. The base of each straight tube bong by HVY is designed with a base color and a swirl design that matches the top of the neck. The straight tube bongs by HVY Glass also come with three ice pinches near the bottom of the neck. This helps to cool down the huge hits that these pieces consistently put out. HVY Glass HVY Glass also makes a few other, larger designs. First, they make a three marble design with a round bottom. Next, there is the HVY Glass Tube. It looks a lot like the three marble design, but with more fused marbles and glass work on the neck. They also make a Genie Style bong that has a round bottom with a more sectioned neck piece. The Genie design also has more color work on the neck so there is less clear glass. Finally, there is the Illuminati blacklight reactive three marble design. This bong comes to life under a UV light. It looks smoky green in daylight and bright neon green under a blacklight. All HVY bongs come with beautiful color work and finesse in design.  

How Does A Bong Work? (Cheech & Chong Glass)

Close your eyes. Imagine the two most iconic stoners you can think of. Odds are you’re thinking of Richard “Cheech” Marin and Tommy Chong. Better known as Cheech & Chong. Cheech and Chong traveled the road and graced the stages of America with their unique stoner humor since the 1960s. The Grammy award-winning comedic Duo then took to the big screen in 1978 and the rest was history. They spent the next few decades cranking out pot head flicks that won over the hearts of America. Their mainstream movie success helped normalize cannabis use in America and they are often regarded as pioneers for that reason. Now they have a line of glass that can get YOU baked! From dab rigs to double bubblers and beaker bongs, the Cheech & Chong glass line has something for everyone. Each Cheech and Chong piece is handcrafted with care. They are made of 100% borosilicate glass and they are thick too. No cheapo clunkers from Cheech and Chong. They want you to have a piece that will last and last as long as they’ll be in your heart. Forever. Plus, the function is amazing. Nobody ever forgets the first time they watch a Cheech and Chong movie. Now, nobody will ever forget the first time they smoke out of their Cheech and Chong bong. Next, just make sure that the roaches you put in it aren’t actual roaches, man.

How Does A Bong Work? (Snoop Dogg Pounds)

Snoop Dogg is probably one of the most famous smokers out there. It’s no secret that Snoop likes to get down with the green. But when it comes to smoking with the OG himself, few people get the opportunity. Now he has a line of glass bongs, dab rigs, etc. That’s right, now you can smoke out of your very own Snoop Dogg Pounds piece. Snoop has sold over thirty-five million records worldwide since his career began in the early 1990s. Now he can be seen on red carpets, doing cameos in films, or even rubbing shoulders with our 44th president Barrack Obama. It’s safe to say that he’s come a long way since his days in the Dogg Pound. Now he’s bringing the Pounds line fo glass to the world. How does a bong work? Amazing if Snoop Dogg has anything to say about it. Any pipe, bong, dab rig, bubbler made for Snoop or carrying the Snoop Dogg name has to hit. These things definitely deliver in that department. The function of them is amazing. First, the percolation on them is great. Bubbles for days. Next, the draw is super smooth. No clogs, no restriction, just big clouds all day. These things are great, and they have an awesome range of prices so there is always something for everyone. When it comes to contenders in the “who makes the best bong?” debate, Snoop Dogg Pounds is up there.

What Is The Best Bong Under $100?

What is the best bong under $100? That depends on what your qualifications are. If you’re looking for glass, specifically, then your options might be slightly limited. But if you’re open to silicone pieces or smaller glass ones there are loads of bongs to choose from. Check out the Snoop Dogg Pounds line if you love glass. They have a pretty sweet Starship Bong that’s under $100. Or maybe check out the Cheech & Chong line. Their entire collection is $100 or less. They have dab rigs, bongs, even a double bubbler. Anything a glass lover on a budget could ever need. To clarify, there is definitely a bong for you under $100. Likewise, if you’re willing to open your search up to silicone bongs then you’ll have many more options. There are also a lot of different benefits of using silicone pieces. First, there is the fact that silicone is almost indestructible. Next, it’s also heat resistant. That means that if your lighter hand slips, it won’t melt the bong. Finally, because it won’t ever break, you could use it forever. Think about it. Decades from now you could reach into an old box and pull it out. Your grandson will ask you what it is. You’ll just laugh and say, “This little fucker ripped so damn hard.” That will be the day, huh?

What Is The Best Silicone Bong?

What is the best silicone bong? You have come to the right place. Glass Nation carries a wide variety of silicone bongs, bubblers, pipe, and even dab rigs. That’s right. Did you even know that all those things could be made out of silicone? You can make just about anything out of silicone these days and bong-makers have definitely noticed. Furthermore, some silicone bong brands you can find her at Glass Nation are Eyce, PieceMaker, and Waxmaid. They all make really cool bongs out of silicone that will last you a lifetime. Well, at least if you treat them properly. Eyece even makes a silicone mold that lets you make your own bong out of ice!

How Does A Bong Work? (Eyce Mold Bong)

Have you ever been taking bong rips with the homies and wished it could be smoother? Sometimes taking big bong rips can be harsh. Eyece aims to solve that problem. They have a piece that has an insert that you can fill with water and freeze, then remove and put in your piece. This gives you an amazing cooling effect that allows you to take bigger hits. Sure, you could put ice in a regular old bong. But then the ice would melt and fill your bong. Therefore, you are at risk of sucking bong water into your mouth. Nobody wants that. With the Eyce mold, the water melts and stays in the insert. Meaning you can keep ripping with no worries.

Happy Bong Hunting!

There are a lot of things to take into consideration when searching for that perfect new bong. First, how does a bong work? Second, do you want glass or silicone? Additionally, what size bong should it be? Additionally, how much water should you put in the bong? Finally, what brand of bong should you check out before you make your final decision? No matter what kind of bong it is you’re looking for, Glass Nation has what you are looking for. The most important part of purchasing a new bong is making sure it’s one that you enjoy using. After all, it’s going to be the piece you have to use every day. Finally, make sure you like it!      

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