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Portable Handheld Vaporizers

Because sometimes you don’t have access to your desktop vaporizer, Glass Nation offers a wide selection of handheld vaporizers for your portable vaporizer requirements. Vaporizers should be able to move around freely and explore. Just like you! Therefore, Glass Nation loves to carry the top of the line portable vaporizers.

As with all of our product offerings, we are very picky about the products we carry. No poppycock here! That is, we carry only the very best products from the very best portable vaporizer manufacturers. Every handheld vaporizer brand we carry have been selected for vaping performance, quality, and value for price.

Our customers know that they are more discerning than most vaping enthusiasts and so we only offer handheld vaporizers that meet our customers’ needs. If you need help figuring out which vaporizer unit is right for you, let us know. We will be happy to assist you.

Herbal Vaporizers

Arizer | Air Vaporizer


Herbal Vaporizers

Arizer | Solo Vaporizer


Herbal Vaporizers

Atmos | Boss Vaporizer


Concentrate Vaporizers

Atmos | Jewel Vaporizer


Concentrate Vaporizers

Atmos | Junior Vaporizer


Concentrate Vaporizers

Atmos | Kiln RA Kit


Herbal Vaporizers

Atmos | Orbit Vaporizer


Concentrate Vaporizers

Atmos | R2 Vaporizer


Concentrate Vaporizers

Atmos | RX Vaporizer

$69.99 $64.99

Concentrate Vaporizers

Cloud Pen 2.0 Vaporizer


Concentrate Vaporizers

Cloud Penz | Cloud Pen 3.0


Concentrate Vaporizers

DaVinci | Ascent Vaporizer