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Save Your Lungs! Buy a Vaporizers!

Glass Nation carries a robust range of vaporizer products, from handheld vaporizers (portable vapes) to desktop vapes, as well as vape parts, vape replacement parts and replacement coils.

Our vaporizers are selected from the very best available and only from trusted brands we have first-hand experience with. When selecting these products, we put a heavy emphasis on performance, quality, value, and replacement parts availability, pricing, and reliability.

We know shopping for the perfect portable vape or desktop vape for concentrates and dry herbs can be confusing (especially for the beginner). So, if you need help, please don’t hesitate to ask us. We are experts and are happy to help get you into the best vape for your needs.

Herbal Vaporizers

Arizer | Air Vaporizer


Desktop Vaporizers

Arizer | Extreme Q Vaporizer


Herbal Vaporizers

Arizer | Solo Vaporizer


Desktop Vaporizers

Arizer | V-Tower Vaporizer


Herbal Vaporizers

Atmos | Boss Vaporizer


Concentrate Vaporizers

Atmos | Jewel Vaporizer


Concentrate Vaporizers

Atmos | Junior Vaporizer


Concentrate Vaporizers

Atmos | Kiln RA Kit


Herbal Vaporizers

Atmos | Orbit Vaporizer


Concentrate Vaporizers

Atmos | R2 Vaporizer


Concentrate Vaporizers

Atmos | RX Vaporizer

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