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WaxMaid Silicone Pipes

WaxMaid silicone pipes bring the hype when it comes to making some of the best silicone smoking pipes. They have come proper with a brand new line of silicone smoking pipes and silicone bubblers. They have unique designs that other companies aren’t making. Most notably they have hand-held bubblers in two sizes with removable downstems: their Miss & Mr. Y units.

Waxmaid Silicone Bongs

If you are looking for something a bit larger and more robust they have their Magneto & Magneto S units. These are larger silicone dab rigs or silicone bongs. They are unique to the market because all their silicone units have a glass on glass connections. There are lots of fakers out on the market, slinging silicone pipes from their grandmother’s basements, but these guys are not one of them. They have been coming out with new silicone smoking bongs and silicone rigs almost every month now. They have silicone ash catchers and silicone everything pretty much