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From trade shows, to the studio: Glass Nation is here to cover the functional art industry’s events and influencers. Glass Nation strives to provide borosilicate glass art enthusiasts with information and commentary about the artists and brands they love. Furthermore, we have artist interviews from some of the borosilicate glass art industry’s greatest creative minds and talents. As a result of this coverage consumers can become better informed purchasers and support the artists whose mission they support. For many consumers, it’s not just about buying glass pipes, glass pendents, or dab rigs, its about supporting a local artist who’s art they believe in.Therefore, we believe that information is power. Most of all borosilicate glass art as a medium provides an everyday chance for consumers of functional smoking products to become art collectors! Learn more about the artists that you love. Buy local, and shop Glass Nation!

Shipwreck Glass Art

Shipwreck X Whitney Harmon

Shipwreck Glass Art Chip Steeler is a 40 something Portland Oregonian and the artist behind Shipwreck Glass Art. He was drawn into the glass art industry and electroforming in 2009 by his brother. Steeler eagerly began learning the glass craft once initially exposed. He worked tirelessly to learn glass blowing as well as electroforming at […]

Chadd Lacy & Adrienne DiSalvo

Chad Lacy

  Adrienne DiSalvo & Chadd Lacy Chadd Lacy Glass Goods is actually two people: Chadd Lacy & Adrienne DiSalvo. They are an extremely down-to-earth power couple who put out quite possibly the most whimsical functional glass art imaginable. But it wasn’t always that way. For a large part of their artistic carriers neither had considered making functional art. […]

Fiona Phoenix Fire

Fiona Phoenix Fire

Professional Oregon Glass Blower: Fiona Phoenix Fire Professional Oregon glass blower, Fiona Phoenix Fire, introduces the world to her intriguing art by collecting inspirations from her life, heritage, and nature to produce miraculous glass work to be sold in her shop in Oregon. Fiona Phoenix Fire was introduced to glass blowing when she met her […]

WYZ Guy Radio | Episode 142 | Reflecting On 2016

WZY Guy Radio Show Transcripts Glass Nation greatly supports the mission of the WYZ (“Wise”) Guy Radio show, which is so important for glass art 2016. They exist in order to, “educate and inspire through conversations with today’s top talents in the world of glass”. Furthermore, we support their message, sponsors, and find value in […]

Merritt Henggeler at Glass Roots 2016


Merritt Henggeler at Glass Roots 2016 Badge Glass is run by New Jersey based borosilicate glass artist Merritt Henggeler. Originally from Maryville, Missouri, he has been working with borosilicate glass since 2010. We caught up with him at the 2016 Glass Roots Art Show in Madison, Wisconsin. How did you get into borosilicate glass as […]