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Eyce Molds Silicone Smoking Pipes

Glass Nation is proud to be a robust supplier of Eyce molds silicone smoking pipes, the Eyce bong, Eyce rig, Eyce 2.0, and the Eyce pipe. Firstly, you will find that these products are of the highest quality possible. You couldn’t hope for anything more durable or more high functioning. Silicone smoking pipes by Eyce are the most amazing products you could ever hope to own.

Eyce Bong

Eyce has been making the Eyce bong for a good while now. It is super high quality and affordable. Super sleek design and there is always more designs in the pipeline. They are a wholly professional silicone manufacture.

Eyce Rig

There have been two Eyce rig designs released to the public so far since the company first launched. Eyce was founded in 2013, and is still family owned and operated by two brothers in Colorado Springs, Colorado, United States of America!

Eyce 2.0

The Eyce 2.0 was actually their first product as is a silicone molded sleeve that you can fill with water and freeze to create a solid ice bong! Who wouldn’t want a bong made out of solid ice.

Eyce Pipe

The Eyce pipe has been one of their most wildly received products by far! Completely indestructible, durable and sleek as sleek can be. You will not be disappointed by checking out one of these bad boys.

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Beaker Bongs

Eyce | Silicone Bong

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