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The Best Banger Hanger Rigs Online

Glass Nation carries the best banger hanger rigs online from the worlds greatest borosilicate glass artists. A banger hanger rig is a type of dab rig that holds a quartz banger at a 90º angle. A quartz hanger’s often, 10mm or 14mm, female joint enters the base of the wax rig at a 45º angle. Some of the best dab rig hangers have hand formed curved down-stems, which have tiny slits or holes for amazing percolation. The best quartz hangers have supreme function and diffusion of water. The more bubbles the increased contact with water and cooling of the vapor. A great dab rig utilizes a quartz banger because of the fidelity of vapor taste. Our selection of affordable and unique artistic dab rigs will not disappoint. Our glass art curators work around the clock to bring you the absolute best selection of glass art.

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Banger Hanger Rigs

MJ Arsenal Mini Jig Rig

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