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The Best Silicone Dab Rigs Online

Glass Nation absolutely has the best silicone dab rigs online. We have loads of silicone rigs from tons of reputable brands from around the world. Glass Nation knows quality and never misses a chance to bring some of the highest quality brands on the market to our website. Silicone rigs are great because of their indestructible and durable nature. Doesn’t matter what some people say silicone is a great material to make dab rigs out of. Nothing beats the practicality of silicone for use in a smoking device. All other materials used to create smoking pipes are subject to impact damage, crushing damage, and eventually breaking.

The Best Silicone Rigs Online

We know what the best silicone rigs online look like. They are silicone brands like Waxmaid, Eyce, & PieceMaker. Other sites like to carry low quality off brand silicone products like they are Amazon or Walmart. However, we thing that is lame and like to differ to the industry experts who tell us that 100% platinum cured silicone is the way to go.

The Best Silicone Oil Rigs Online

The best silicone oil rigs online are something of a moving target. There are always new designs, trends, and colors to fully utilize. Silicone is a new hot trend and we caught it right away. We saw the utilize in silicone oil rigs from a mile away.