Blitzkriega Glass Art

Glass Nation is proud to carry glass art from Blitzkriega glass art or glass art by Jake Martin. He went to school for art and was always into 70s & 80s Pop art: that is why he uses #Pop as a hashtag on his Instagram I’d guess. Inspired by the work of Jeff Koons Martin makes pop art functional glass adaptations i.e. balloon dogs that are also functional smoking devices. He also makes other art, such as pendants or

Jake Martin Glass Art

Jake Martin Glass Art is defiantly something to be impressed by. He makes some of the most unique forms in the heady glass art scene. Blitzkriega balloon dogs are some of the coolest heady bongs you can find online. Every single one is a unique color with no colors having been repeated. When you find a balloon dog bong for sale you will know it is truly unique.

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