What Does Bong Water Taste Like?

What Does Bong Water Taste Like?

What does bong water taste like? We can’t imagine that it tastes all that good. In fact, judging by some of the videos we’ve watched online, it probably tastes downright terrible. People have reacted to getting bong water in their mouths in many ways. Some people gag and cough. Some people cry and run for the nearest bathroom for privacy. Others unfortunately just vomit immediately. Yeah. So, while a lot of articles would unnecessarily drag this point on for paragraphs and paragraphs, we won’t. We’ll tell you in plain and simple words. What does bong water taste like? It tastes bad. Very bad.

However, the fact that bong water tastes like a trailer park ashtray doesn’t stop some brave individuals from drinking it. No, that was not a typo. You read that right. Some people are out there drinking their bong water on purpose. Whether it’s for the clout, for the views, or whatever reason, these people exist and we need to have a serious talk about it. Not about health risks. Well, maybe we’ll touch on that. But mainly we need to talk about why this has become a trend in the first place. Also, maybe we’ll brainstorm ways we can get these weirdos to stop. Or at least we can try to understand them.

Mason Ray Parker

A notable example of someone who regularly drinks their bong water is Mason Ray Parker. Although it’s rarely actually water. His Instagram account has 1.5 Million followers and some of his bong water chug videos pull in hit counts as high as 800,000. That is a lot of people watching him shove random stuff in his bong, smoke through it, then drink and/or eat it. If there is anyone that knows the answer to the question “What does bong water taste like?” it’s this guy. We do not know the reason why. We don’t think we ever really will. But what we do know is that his videos are insane.
Are you wondering what kinds of things he puts in his bongs? Did you really think we were going to leave you hanging like that? Not a chance. Here is a list of the three weirdest “bong water” combinations we’ve seen come from his page lately. First, there is the classic combination of Wheaties cereal, grape juice, and salsa con queso. Sounds refreshing, doesn’t it? Next, the timeless combo of cough syrup, sour candies, and paper money. Bottoms up! Last but not least, the gag-inducing combination of shampoo, crackers and a dead fish. Yeah, let that sink in. Don’t believe me? Check it out for yourself!

When Should I Change My Bong Water?

For some people, the “What does bong water taste like?” question doesn’t matter. They never plan to get any bong water in their mouth, let alone drink it on purpose. Still, a lot of people are not only wondering “How does a bong work?” they’re also wondering how often they should change out the water. Well, we here at Glass Nation did our fair share of research. What we found out might shock and disgust you. While a lot of people let their bong water sit for days, even weeks, bacteria can grow in less than a day. That is right, less than a day. About 22 hours on average. That means you should be using fresh water every day.

Changing your bong water every day might sound like a hassle to some. However, when you look at the potential alternatives, it starts to seem like a smaller burden. In fact, some people have even reported getting lung and chest infections due to dirty bong water. There are other benefits to regularly changing your bong water too. First, with fresh water, if you do end up accidentally sucking some of it into your mouth, it won’t taste as bad. Second, you’ll be able to get the true taste of your sticky icky. Depending on your budget, that may be a good or a bad thing. However, cleanliness is key in any smoking activity.

Will Drinking Bong Water Get Me High?

Many stoners throughout the decades have wondered the same thing. Will drinking bong water get me high? We did our research and as far as the internet is concerned, it’s basically a toss-up. A lot of people say that there is no way drinking bong water could ever get you high. However, there are also a ton of people that swear that it works. Like most internet discussions, they quickly dissolved without gaining any real scientific ground. So the question remains. It seems that the only people who really know for sure, are those who have actually done it enough to know. What does bong water taste like? Bad. Does it get you high? Still undetermined.

We weren’t keen on stopping our investigation there, though. So we decided to dig a bit deeper and see if any scientists had weighed in on the subject. Or at least if anybody more credible than some dude staring at a dirty bong had weighed in. Turns out doctors and scientists are actually busy solving the world’s problems. Unfortunately, we weren’t able to find any that had set the time aside to learn about the capabilities of bong water. At least none that have been willing to openly talk about it on the record. But what we did find is that there are significantly more people saying it won’t work. We’re starting to believe them.

What Have We Learned?

We learned a lot in this piece, didn’t we? First, we learned the answer to that age-old question “What does bong water taste like?”. Second, we learned that there is a guy named Mason Ray Parker that will put just about anything in his bong and smoke through it. Next, we learned that a lot of you guys seriously need to change your bong water more often. As a matter of fact, go ahead and do that right now. We’ll wait for you. Ok, now that that’s taken care of, what’s next? Oh yeah, now I remember. We learned that drinking your bong water will most likely not get you high. So in case you’re dry and looking at that bong water, don’t do it, bro.

Sincerely, @sacramentodabber

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