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Heady Bongs

Glass Nation is so proud to have the best selection of heady bongs online. Every heady glass artist around is making glass bongs. However, only the greatest artists are dropping heady heaters on the market. Firstly, you won’t be disappointed by our selection of heady bongs. Additionally, every artist we bring onto the site has been vetted for extreme quality and craftsmanship. Some of the most expensive bongs by the industry’s luxury glass artists.

Many different kinds of heady tubes are available in the market place to purchase. That is because there are loads of new and upcoming glass artists coming online. There are many artists who were previously operating on other mediums and have switched to borosilicate art because of the new and lucrative market that has arisen around it. Furthermore, every art bong on Glass Nation is made by the hands of a master in the functional glass art industry.

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Borosilicate Glass

Heady Bong | Chameleon Glass

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Regular Price $629.99 incl.VAT
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