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Replacement Vaporizer Coils

We offer a wide selection of replacement vaporizer coils, including: liquid vaporizer coils, concentrate vaporizer coils and dry herb vaporizer coils for a wide variety of common atomizers and replaceable coil atomizer heads.

We offer standard coils, macrocoils (over 1.6mm), microcoils (contact coils), nanocoils (ID smaller than 1mm), twisted coils, parallel coils, clapton coils, and more for your replacement vaporizer coil needs.

Whether hand-held vaporizer replacement coils or desktop vaporizer replacement coils… aluminum coils, ceramic coils, and glass coils… we heave the replacement coils you need.


Replacement Vaporizer Coils

Yocan | Evolve Plus Vaporizer Coils


Replacement Vaporizer Coils

Yocan | Evolve Vaporizer Coils