Fiona Phoenix Fire

Fiona Phoenix Fire

Professional Oregon Glass Blower: Fiona Phoenix Fire

Professional Oregon glass blower, Fiona Phoenix Fire, introduces the world to her intriguing art by collecting inspirations from her life, heritage, and nature to produce miraculous glass work to be sold in her shop in Oregon.

Fiona Phoenix Fire was introduced to glass blowing when she met her husband, who is also a professional glass blower. She explains the wonders the torch had as she witnessed him molding and melting beautiful colors of glass together to create a final piece. “I got to see him work in his studio, and I was instantly mesmerized by the medium. Watching the glass go from solid to liquid, and all the different ways it moves. I watched for hours, I was so intrigued and inspired”. Seeing her immediate love for the torch, her husband invited her to learn to melt. Fiona practiced making glass “blobs” until her skill expanded her work to create her first peace pipe.

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West Coast Living To Hawaii Life

Living throughout the West Coast and across the ocean in Hawaii, Fiona decided to use the Earth as her muse. “There is something about being on a tiny island on a tiny ocean, and being surrounded by all the wildlife and culture there, along with the water. It really allowed me to understand the depths of the support we receive from our natural environment and how beautiful it could be”.

The nature and island allowed Fiona overcome personal battles that later transformed into creative inspiration and appreciation for our world. Glassblowing awakened her creative intuition to incorporate her indigenous heritage to her work, later birthing her unique tribal designs on peace pipes. Eventually, her passion for glassblowing led her to stop pursuing her Masters in Social Work to be in the studio full time. Since then, she never looked back. Fiona believes the transition gave her an ultimate sense of safety and confidence in the industry.

Custom Ceremonial Pipes

Currently, Fiona makes ceremonial peace pipes decorated with natural elements of the Earth, fire, water and smoke. She offers workshops and viewing for guest to join the glassblowing culture. “The direction I’m taking of making ceremonial pieces is to empower individuals with healing, release and inspiration within”.

She hopes to continuing experimenting with the limitless creative opportunities within her water pieces. Fiona plans to connect ritual with elements to build ceremonial references within her work. Elements like fire, water, earth and smoke are all incorporated in the ceremonies, and Fiona plans to use them to inspire more work. Along with the inspiration, Fiona desires to customize her work by creating personalized packages by adding videos of the process, phone consultations with the buyer and meditative ceremonies build a personalized connection between her customers and the custom ceremonial pipes.

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