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The Best Twisty Glass Blunt Selection Online

Glass Nation is super excited to announce the best twisty glass blunt selection online. There are a lot of drawbacks to traditional tobacco leaf blunts. Firstly, you have to keep purchasing wraps every-time you want to smoke. Secondly, you are smoking shit tobacco which is nasty-nasty. With the Grav Labs Glass Blunts or the 7pipe Glass Blunts you will never have to purchase another disposable tobacco wrap again. All made of some of the highest quality materials available.

Grav Labs Glass Blunts

Glass Nation strives to carry all the best best smoking brands including Grav Labs Glass Blunts. Grav Labs brings the heat when it comes to one of their most innovating and popular smoking devices. Everyone needs a glass twisty blunt or a traditional grommet secured blunt made of glass. Couldn’t be more passionate about how awesome these glass smoking blunts are. You won’t be disappointed.

Regular Price $23.09 incl.VAT
Regular Price $23.09 incl.VAT