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This Is Not a Pipe! Hence This is Art.

We are very proud of our hand-selected collection of Borosilicate Glass Pipes.

At Glass Nation you will find some of the highest level of craftsmanship from local artists around the world. While many of our competitors sell products of questionable quality manufactured on big assembly lines. Our borosilicate glass pipes are truly one-of-the-kind, hand-crafted pieces of functional art.

The glass pipes you see here are all in our inventory! They are all hand-picked by GlassNation staff to ensure our customers have their pick of the very best glass pipes created by the very best glass pipe artisans.

Furthermore, if you would like assistance with your decision, please let us know. Likewise, if you know of a particular artisan or product you think rises the the level of our standards of quality and beauty, please let us know!

Most of all contact us if you know of any gifted glass artists that should be included on our website.