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HVY Glass Makes The Best Bongs

HVY Glass makes the best classic bongs in tons of different colors, sizes, and shapes: there is a HVY bong for everyone. They all have a similar classic style: a colorful rounded base, tons of dynamic colorful marbles, and the HVY logo encrusted on the hilt. HVY  bongs are something to be proud of. A HVY would make a great addition to anyones’ functional glass art collection.

HVY Glass
Teal & Black HVY Bong by HVY Glass

HVY Bongs Are So Colorful

HVY Bongs come in tons of different colors. There is almost one for every day of the month. HVY never disappoints when it comes to swirls and flash. HVY is both beautiful and affordable. Additionally you will find that HVY makes all their art right in the heart of Los Angels in the United States. HVY doesn’t do anything halfway, every time they make a piece of glass art they knock it out of the park. Most noteworthy HVY water tubes are always made of super thick glass as the name would imply.

Classic HVY Bong

HVY Glass
15″ Classic Marble Covered HVY Glass Bong

HVY Glass Marbles Dazzle

HVY Water Tube

HVY Functional Glass Art

Marble Covered Bong
Red & Blue Marble Covered Bong by HVY

HVY Water Tubes

HVY Water Tubes come in tons of bright and beautiful colors. They are so affordable too. For clear under a hundred you can get a beautiful work of art. The opposite of a crappy flimsy piece of glass art. HVY always makes the thickest bongs.

Straight Tube
Straight Tube With Colored Wig-Wag Pattern by HVY
HVY Glass
Azul HVY Straight Tube