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Glassroots Art Show

The Glassroots Art Show is an annual borosilicate glass art trade show and convention in Madison, Wisconsin. The art show is an event for both glass art enthusiasts and industry professionals. Every year, for almost a decade, dozens of borosilicate glass artists from around the United States congregate to share knowledge and sell glass art. Glassroots hosts a unique education project for new and advanced lamp workers to improve their knowledge and skill base. Therefore glass artists come together to learn from other artists, tool makers, and raw material suppliers about techniques and insight into the Functional Glass Art Industry. The glass art show also hosts a live flame-working demonstration for the public to enjoy. After the trading and b2b work is finished, art show attenders join to watch the industry’s greatest talents.

Chadd Lacy & Adrienne DiSalvo

Chad Lacy

  Adrienne DiSalvo & Chadd Lacy Chadd Lacy Glass Goods is actually two people: Chadd Lacy & Adrienne DiSalvo. They are an extremely down-to-earth power couple who put out quite possibly the most whimsical functional glass art imaginable. But it wasn’t always that way. For a large part of their artistic carriers neither had considered making functional art. […]

Merritt Henggeler at Glass Roots 2016


Merritt Henggeler at Glass Roots 2016 Badge Glass is run by New Jersey based borosilicate glass artist Merritt Henggeler. Originally from Maryville, Missouri, he has been working with borosilicate glass since 2010. We caught up with him at the 2016 Glass Roots Art Show in Madison, Wisconsin. How did you get into borosilicate glass as […]