How To Smoke Wax Without A Dab Rig

How To Smoke Wax Without A Dab Rig

How To Smoke Wax Without A Dab Rig

Have you ever wondered how to smoke wax without a dab rig? If you find yourself in this situation, try not to stress. Relax, you’ve got the wax. Just because you’re without a dab rig doesn’t mean you’re without hope. All you have to do is unlock that centuries-old stoner ingenuity and figure out exactly how to get it into your lungs. In case the anxiety of potentially missing 4:20 is just too much for you to think straight, don’t worry. Here’s something I threw together that explains exactly how to smoke concentrates without a dab rig. That’s right, even I, Sacramento Dabber once spent a period of time without a dab rig.  During that time I had to learn how to smoke other ways. In a joint, a pipe, or even off of red-hot butter knives are just a few of the tricks I’ve learned over the years. Now I’m passing my hard learned knowledge on to you. Make me proud!

Working With Wax: A Sticky Situation

Forbidden Fruit Shatter

How you smoke your wax, with or without a dab rig, will depend heavily on what kind you have. Distillate (a slightly liquid, golden clear form of wax) is strong and tastes fantastic with a clean, solvent-free base for those tasty terpenes to shine. However, when trying to handle it, its sticky consistency may leave you wondering not only how to smoke it, but also how to get it off of your fingers… and your couch… and your dog. On the other end of the spectrum would be something like crumble or THCA crystalline (looks like diamonds, powder, or tiny shards of glass) that breaks apart nicely and can easily be sprinkled in a joint, a blunt, or on top of your favorite bowl. The kind of wax I’m going to focus on in this piece is shatter. Partially because of its versatility and partially because it’s what I have the most of currently.

How To Prep Your Shatter To Smoke

wax being rolled into a snake shape
Prepping The Shatter

How to prep your shatter depends on how you want to smoke your it. One way you can prep your wax to smoke is by rolling it into the shape of a thin snake. Another way is to roll it up into tiny little balls. This gives you a consistently sized hit if you’re smoking them individually like dabs (I’ll explain how to do that later). Another way is to take your shatter and put some of it on a glass dabber and hold a flame close to it to melt it onto whatever you’re smoking. However, how to prep the wax is nowhere near as important as where you get it. Sacramento Dabber does NOT recommend smoking poop soup, bottom shelf, dirty mids, or anything else in that category. Smoke clean, live clean.  Now that your shatter has been prepped, it’s time to decide which way to smoke it!

How To Smoke Wax Without A Dab Rig: Smoke Wax With A Joint

wax snake
Shatter Snake

When it comes to how to smoke your wax without a dab rig, a joint is definitely a fine option. Arguably, one of the more elegant ways to smoke it is on or in a joint. For those of you asking yourself “what does he mean by ‘on or in’?” the answer is simple. To smoke your wax IN a joint, you simply roll it up into a snake like I mentioned before. Then, when you’re rolling your joint, add a small amount of your herb first, then lay the snake of terpy goodness on top. Those of you using one of the more dry variations of wax can, at this point, simply sprinkle some of it into the joint. Once it’s in there, add a little bit more of your herb of choice and roll her up. Boom! You’ve got yourself a wax joint. Next, we’ll go over how to smoke a Twax joint.

Difference Between A Wax Joint And A Twax Joint

How To Smoke Wax Without A Dab Rig
Twax Joint

As far as ingredients go, there is absolutely no difference. They’re both made up of a joint and some wax. When it comes to a Twax joint, the difference is how it’s put together. First I’ll explain how to properly roll a Twax joint, and then I’ll explain how to properly smoke a Twax joint. The idea is simple. Take the shatter and instead of putting it INSIDE the joint, just wrap it around the OUTSIDE instead. In practice, it can be a bit tougher than it sounds. First, you’ll need to roll up another joint and another snake of wax. Then you’ll want to wrap it around the joint, starting near the top and working your way down. Once it’s wrapped, it’s ready to smoke. Be mindful of the wax as you smoke so that you don’t drip it on your fingers… or your couch… or your dog.

How To Smoke Wax Without A Dab Rig: Smoke Wax In A Pipe Or Bong

Some wax to smoke with a hand pipe
Smoke Out Of A Pipe

Smoking wax out of a pipe or a bong is an extremely popular method amongst your fellow stoners without a dab rig. In fact, in my personal opinion, it’s the easiest way to do it. Instead of rolling it up into the shape of a snake, this time form it into a circular disk shape. Not quite as big as the bowl you’re going to use to smoke it. Before you put it in the pipe, you’ll need a base of your chosen herb to lay the wax on for it to melt into. Another thing to remember is that you don’t want the flame to make direct contact with the concentrate itself as it might burn it up and waste it. Because of this, it’s important to leave some room for another layer of herb on top before you start smoking. Think layers, like lasagna. Mmmmm…

Hot Knife Dabs (Not For The Faint Of Heart)

How To Smoke Wax Without A Dab Rig
Hot Knife Method

Let me just start this paragraph off by saying that I do not recommend this method. However, this list would be far from a conclusive one if I didn’t at least mention the hot knife technique. The basic idea is to take two butter knives from your silverware drawer, heat them up red hot (either by shoving them into the burner on the stove or by hitting them with a blowtorch), and touch your wax to them while inhaling through a bottle or a rolled up magazine. I would be lying if I said I had never done this, but I would also be lying if I said that I enjoyed it when I did do it. This method works, but it’s hell on the lungs because of it’s huge, milky hot hits. Ok, so I would also be lying if I said it doesn’t get you insanely baked! But still, a last resort!

Teach Others How To Smoke Wax Without A Dab Rig

Now that you’ve taken a crash course in concentrate consumption, you’re free to explore the endless possibilities and teach others how to smoke wax without a dab rig. Go roll up a joint and Twax it up! Make yourself a lasagna bowl and get the munchies in style with your new knowledge of the wax world. Then maybe get some lasagna, and grab me some too! Be proud of that fact that if one of your friends should ever be without a dab rig, you have the know how to get them as high as humanly possible. What else can we ask of our friends?

Are these methods not tickling your fancy? No worries, solve the problem of not having a dab rig by buying a new dab rig from Glass Nation!

Sincerely, Sacramento Dabber – Bill Wallis

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