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Glass Bongs & Water Tubes! Oh, My!

We offer the very best, most beautiful, hand-crafted, hand-selected, unique borosilicate glass water tubes (tobacco bongs) available.

Every glass water tube is a unique work of functional art. Each was produced by a true master artisan in glass bong creation. Each one is truly a work of art.

Therefore our staff goes to great lengths to select each and every artisan we work with and to select pieces from each artisan that we think our customer will not only like, but love!

We love to share the works of incredibly talented artisans with our customers and to find each of our unique customers a uniquely one-of-a-kind piece of functional art!

Especially relevant, If you know of any artisans we should be aware of, please let us know! Finding new high quality glass art is slow work. So we are always on the look out for functional art from expert craftsmen and craftswomen. And we’d love to hear from you about your favorite artisans!

Of course, should you need help selecting the perfect glass water pipe, let us know. We’re happy to assist.

$250.00 $225.00