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Quality Dab Rigs

Not all dab rigs are created equal. Therefore, we put considerable effort into curating quality and affordable borosilicate glass art.

We offer the modern collector a wide variety of wax rigs with quartz banger nails, ceramic nails, and titanium nails.

Of course, quartz banger nails are recommended for purposes of retaining the pure taste. However, the durability offered by titanium nails is still worth considering.

Most dab rigs come with a dome and a nail included. But be careful to make sure! Also, it is always recommended to purchase a back-up nail (especially if you prefer quartz banger nails!).

All of our concentrate rigs are custom works of art created by professional artisans. We have hand-picked each of the wax rigs below to ensure we are bringing the highest quality functional art pieces to our customers.

Looking for Cheap Rigs?

We carry some pretty cost effective options that are still manufactured by someone who gives a damn. Because we give a damn about the things we try and sell to our friends. Since you give a damn about the type of products that you buy and use! 😀

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