Preroll Raw Cones: Why Roll When You Don’t Have To?

Preroll Raw Cones

When it comes to rolling a fat joint, there are a lot of different ways you could go about it. Many people swear by the hand-rolled version (or bone). Others insist that a simple rolling machine is the best way to go. However, when it comes to convenience, there is nothing better than a preroll Raw cone. Raw makes cones for every occasion. The basic model is perfect for personal toking, while the king size raw cones are great for sharing (…or personal toking). There are organic Raw cones for the more health conscious stoners out there. That’s right, there is a preroll Raw cone for any event you can imagine. Plus, they’re more convenient for rolling on the go. When it comes to the benefits preroll Raw cones offer, there are too many to list. We’ll touch on a few of the key things that set them apart.

The History Of Preroll Raw Cones

Preroll Raw cones weren’t always the wondrous picture of cigarette and/or joint rolling perfection that they are today. In fact, according to accounts that date back to Christopher Columbus, early European tobacco smoking was much more rustic. Members of Columbus’ crew observed Caribbean natives smoking dried tobacco leaves bound together with twine or string. The crew members brought the habit back with them and it soon spread like wildfire amongst Europeans. Eventually, the tobacco was wrapped in itself to form cigars. Early fifteenth-century Spanish poor would pick up scrap tobacco and roll it in old newspaper. Then, in Alcoy, Spain, a company began making the very first papers specifically for rolling tobacco. Flash forward to today and preroll raw cones are still made there now.

Why Do People Love Preroll Raw Cones?

Preroll Raw cones exist for a number of reasons. Some people don’t want to learn how to roll a joint. Others simply smoke a lot and don’t want to spend a large portion of their days sitting and hand rolling joint after joint. Whichever reason you choose preroll Raw cones, you’ll be happy you did. There is no better way to roll a joint on your way out the door. No fussing with fingers, no mess. Just grind, fill, pack, twist, and smoke! That means that you’ll have more time to spend with friends and family. More time to enjoy your life. More time to smoke what makes you feel good with the people that make you feel awesome. Their convenience is no doubt one of the biggest perks of smoking Raw cones. However, there are loads of reasons to smoke Raw.

All Natural Makes A Difference

When it comes to your health, you shouldn’t cut corners. This is how Raw makes all of their products. From their regular 1 1/4 papers to their two-foot Challenge preroll Raw cones, ALL Raw products are made with only natural plant products. Unlike other rolling paper companies, Raw never uses bleach, dyes, chalk, or refining processes. They also promise to use no artificial burn additives. Because preroll Raw cones (like all of their products) are all natural, they truly allow you to taste your herb. There is nothing worse than being passed a joint at a party, taking a big puff, and only being able to taste the paper. You pay good money for your green, shouldn’t you be able to taste it? I guess if you’re rolling up some Reggie you might want to hide the flavor, but here in Raw country, we only smoke loud.

King Size Raw Cones: For The King Of Joints

Some people smoke more than others and there is no reason you should feel bad or ashamed of how much you smoke. That being said, if a regular size cone just won’t do it, you can try out the King Size raw cones. King size raw cones are just the right size to smoke when you have a “high” tolerance. Pun totally intended bro. They are just like the regular preroll Raw cones, only they hold about one and a half times the amount of sticky green. More herb, more fun. King size raw cones are also great for sharing. The only problem with sharing a joint with friends is how quickly the joint is finished. With king size raw cones, the party can keep on rocking (for at least another 50% more time than it could with a smaller joint. Pick yourself up some king size raw cones today!

Organic Raw Cones: You’re Worth It!

It’s 2018 and there are a few unavoidable facts of life that come with being alive right now. One of those things is the fact that what we put INSIDE our preroll raw cones (be them standard, organic or king size raw cones) is getting stronger every day. Another one of those unavoidable facts is that in 2018, we know that organic is better. Whether it’s your produce, granola bars, craft beer, or dog food. 2018 means that there is an organic option for anything out there you can think of. Yes, even rolling papers. Organic Raw cones are the best way to smoke when you’re looking out for your health. If your green is organic, why shouldn’t your papers be? Organic Raw cones are the best for those picky stoner friends. Organic Raw cones are the best, unrefined, organic preroll cones on the market!

Pairing Your Organic Raw Cones

Eating organic butternut squash and kale for dinner? Pair it with some organic raw cones. Drinking an organic berry, beet, spinach smoothie after rock climbing with your best friends? Why not take a break from treating your body with respect and respect your mind and soul too? What better way to do that than with a couple of Organic Raw cones. No matter what fun activities your healthy, active lifestyle includes, organic raw cones are the perfect addition to your day. Plus, the fact that you don’t have to take a long time to roll them, means that smoking organic raw cones will give you more time to enjoy your healthy choices. Wait, making healthy choices ALSO gives you more time to enjoy your healthy choices. I might need a minute to unpack all this. In the meantime, pick yourself up some organic Raw cones here at Glass Nation!

The Bigger, The Better: Extra Large Preroll Raw Cones

You may be thinking to yourself, “Wait, didn’t we already talk about the king size Raw cones?” You’re right, we did. But the sizes I’m about to list make the regular preroll cone, the organic Raw cones and even the king size raw cones look like toothpicks. that’s right, these cones are not for the faint of heart. First up is the “Peacemaker” which may have you wanting to make peace with your maker when you see it. It measures in at a whopping 140mm (30mm longer than king size raw cones). Up next is the “Emperador” a preroll cone that measures 180mm rather than the standard 83mm length. That’s more than 2x the length! The last size on the standard Raw preroll cone chart is the “Supernatural” which measures a full 280mm long. That’s a foot long if you’re keeping track.

Are You Up To The Challenge?

Legend has it Raw makes a preroll cone that surpasses the size of even the infamous “Supernatural” size. It’s called the “Challenge” cone. It’s two feet long and can hold more herb than you can most likely afford. Hence the name “Challenge.” These things are so big, you need to use two hands to hold it up and twelve lungs just to smoke it. Or at least that’s what it says in the legend. I didn’t write it. Whether you’re looking for some original preroll Raw cones, some organic Raw cones, some king size Raw cones, or even a two-foot challenge cone, do your lungs a favor and choose Raw!



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