How To Roll A Blunt: From Wrap To Riches

How To Roll A Blunt: Blunt Basics

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If you are wondering how to roll a blunt look no further. Welcome to the club of people who don’t know how to roll a blunt. First off, don’t beat yourself up. Rolling a blunt isn’t easy. You may be thinking to yourself “I know how to roll a joint. How is a blunt any different?” It’s totally different. It’s also a lot more difficult to roll a blunt than it is to roll a joint. Even if you use a wrap. Still, there is no need to panic. I’ve been smoking weed for well over a decade now and in that time, I’ve rolled my fair share of blunts. As is the case with any smoking tutorial here on Glass Nation, I’ll use tobacco in my photos (Damn Big Brother!) but you can use whatever herb you prefer to light up. No judgment here.

How To Roll A Blunt: Difference Between Joints And Blunts

Blunts and joints are basically the same. The only real difference is what they are made out of. A joint is wrapped in thin paper. Joint papers have an adhesive strip to lick and stick them closed. They’re often made of rice paper or hemp and don’t leave much of a flavor behind when you smoke them. A blunt is made of tobacco. It has no adhesive strip. They are made from a miniature cigar, a pressed and formed wrap, or a single leaf of tobacco like what is used to roll a cigar. Most commonly, people will use a cigarillo and empty the tobacco inside. I’ll explain how.

Splitting And Emptying Your Blunt

Time To Split And Empty
Split The Blunt

When you buy you cigarillos or “future blunts” there are many options and flavors to choose from, but how you prep them to roll is all the same. First, you want to empty out the tobacco inside. You can do this by splitting it open with a sharp knife or, if you’ve got the dexterity, you can use your fingers. Once you split the cigar, dump the tobacco or set it aside for making spliffs (joints with tobacco). Now that you’ve got your wrap, it’s time to get it ready to fill with that sweet frosty goodness. But don’t rush it. You don’t want to mess up the wrap. If using a premade wrap, you can skip this step.

Prepping Your Blunt Wrap

Alright, so for those of you that aren’t aware, blunts and wraps are often somewhat dry or stale. Because of this, it’s important to add a bit of moisture to the wrap before you try and roll is so it doesn’t crack and split leaving you out of luck AND $1.49. How you add the moisture is up to you. The blunt community is always talking about this. Some people like to lick the wrap. Like, REALLY get in there and lick the thing. That’s fine, do you, bro. However, if you’re sharing with people, maybe just wet your fingers with some tap water you animal.

Filling The Blunt

Fill Her Up
Fill Up The Blunt

Ah, we finally made it. This is my favorite part of rolling a blunt. Well, besides smoking it, that is. You’ve taken your time, split and moistened the wrap, and now it’s time. Time to take that pile of fluffed up sticky Fuego and shove it in there. Be careful, the wrap may still be a bit delicate. Add enough of your herb of choice to decently fill it. Don’t add too much, especially if this is your first attempt at blunt rolling. The bigger the blunt, the harder it is to roll it. If at this point, you’re starting to think “This sounds like a lot of work. I’d rather just buy a bong.” check out some of the awesome glass here at Glass Nation.

How To Roll A Blunt: Shaping The Blunt

Once you’ve filled up the blunt, it’s time to shape it. Use your thumbs and index fingers to roll the herb back and forth inside the wrap until you feel it start to take shape. You want to avoid any places with little or no weed, as well as places with way too much weed. Not enough and your wrap can burn too fast or unevenly. Too much and your blunt may get plugged. You want to avoid both of these situations, so take your time when shaping and make sure it feels uniformly packed from one end to the other. That way, when you light it up, it will smoke smooth and evenly the whole time.

Rolling It Up

How To Roll A Blunt
Start With One End

A cigarillo or blunt wrap is usually curved in the direction you want to roll it anyway. Because of this, rolling a blunt may seem easier to some. You don’t have to try as hard to get the front end of the wrap to tuck in behind the herb itself. If it gives you any trouble (and as long as you left yourself enough room earlier to work with) you can start with one side first. Get it tucked on the end and hold it in place while you work your way toward the other side. Eventually, you should get to the point where you can no longer see the herb you’re working with. Now it’s time to lick and stick. Hang in there, little kitty. You’re almost done!

How To Roll A Blunt: Lick And Stick

Well, congratulations. You’ve made it. Blunt time is just a minute or two away. How does it feel? Yeah, I thought you might say “Fulfilled beyond all of my greatest expectations.” I tend to have that effect on people. But you’re not done yet. Don’t lose your focus. You still need to get that baby closed and without the added help of an adhesive strip that may get tricky.

How To Roll A Blunt
Hold It Tight To Stick

One way to go about it is to just lick away. Lick and fold, then hold it down for a few seconds to give it a chance to stick. Not sticking? No problem, lick again, and on top, and underneath. Get the whole thing moist and it won’t have any choice but to stick to itself. However, if you go this route, don’t be surprised if all your smoking buddies leave before you light up Depending on how much herb you have, this may be a good OR bad thing.

You can also buy cigar glue. Healthy, easy, clean, and sometimes even with added THC!

Big Blunt Baller

How To Roll A Blunt
Finished Blunt

I’m so proud of you. Now that you know how to roll a blunt, keep practicing. Try other cigarillo/wrap brands. Try bigger blunts. Do whatever your little heart desires because now you are a confident, blunt rolling super person. Go out and save the world one wrap at a time!

Sincerely, Sacramento Dabber – Bill Wallis

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