How To Make A Water Bottle Bong (3 Ways)

How To Make A Water Bottle Bong

How To Make A Water Bottle Bong

Learning how to craft homemade smoking devices is key to being a self-sufficient stoner. One of the first steps is to learn how to make a water bottle bong. A water bottle is a convenience many of us tend to take for granted. For most of us, a bottle of water has always been available. We buy it, we drink it, we (hopefully) recycle it, and the cycle continues. However, what most people don’t realize is that a water bottle can be used in many different ways. You can even turn one into a bong. You might be wondering how to make a bong out of a water bottle. You’re not alone. In this piece, I’ll go over all the different ways you can up-cycle your empty bottles into heady smoking devices. But in case you don’t want to bother in constructing your own bong Glass Nation has the perfect Water Bottle Bong silicone attachment perfect for making any bottle into a bong.

Water Bottle Bong
Water Bottle Bong by Waxmaid

Picking The Perfect Water Bottle Bong

When it comes to picking the perfect bottle to turn into your water bottle bong, take your time. You don’t want to rush a decision like this. There are a lot of things to take into consideration before you make your final decision. First, there is the function. Do you want a lot of water or just a little? Next, what kind of water bottle bong do you want to make? Do you want a traditional bong style, or do you want to make a gravity bong? Or do you maybe want to use another device with your water bottle to create some kind of stoner hybrid creature? All of these should be considered when choosing the right bottle. Finally, it’s time to learn how to make a water bottle bong.

Crafting Your Water Bottle Bong (Traditional)

When creating a traditional style water bottle bong, the first thing to consider is where your bowl will go. It is important to remember that you will need a down stem. A down stem is a piece that pulls the smoke down through the bowl and into the water to be filtered. Deciding where to make the hole for the down stem depends on how much water will be used in your water bottle bong. Poke a hole (close to the diameter of your down stem) in the bottle, an inch or so above the water line. Insert the down stem (into the water) and try to seal the edges of the hole using tape or chewing gum. Finally, now you’re ready to fill your bowl and light up. Now you know how to make a water bottle bong!

Crafting Your (Gravity) Water Bottle Bong

Gravity bongs are gaining popularity among stoners worldwide. Their ability to deliver huge milky hits is unmatched. That’s right. The strength of a gravity bong can choke out even seasoned stoners. First, you’ll have to decide if you’re going to make a pull or pour gravity bong. To make a “pull” version, you’ll have to cut the bottom of your water bottle off. Then put your bowl in the mouthpiece and submerge the bottom portion of the bottle and pull it up slowly as you light it. Making a “pour” version is similar. Instead of cutting the bottom off, just poke a big hole in it. Then hold the hole and fill the bottle. Finally, put a bowl on the mouthpiece and light it as you let go of the hole. Gravity will do the rest.

How To Make A Bong Out Of A Water Bottle (Hybrid)

Sometimes we all have a rough time making our own homemade smoking devices. Maybe you’ve tried and failed too many times. Maybe you just don’t really want to learn how to make a water bottle bong the old-fashioned way. No worries bro, we got you covered. There have been a few inventions to help stoners smoke out of water bottles over the years. They all work alright, but the new Waxmaid Traveler Water Pipe is a true game changer. It is a silicone device you insert into the mouthpiece of any water bottle. It is made to fit a variety of mouthpiece sizes. There is an adjustable length down stem and it comes with a glass bowl. Just fill the bottle to the right level, insert the Waxmaid Traveler and you’re good to go.

How To Stay Green While You Smoke Green

There is no way around it. The fact of the matter is that plastic water bottles are not great for our environment. However, sometimes we need to grab one to stay hydrated on the go. We’re not here to make you feel bad about buying a water bottle. We are here to help you learn ways to reuse them and dispose of them properly. After all, the more we look after our environment, the longer we’ll be able to enjoy it and do the things we love. First, drink all of the water in the bottle. Staying hydrated is important whether or not you smoke. Next, smoke out of it before you toss it. Why not upcycle before you recycle? Lastly, recycle! I can’t stress that point enough. Keep it green so we can continue to keep it green for years to come.

The More You Know

There you have it, folks. If you’ve ever wanted to know how to make a water bottle bong you now have three options to choose from. Finally, you can look like a pro in a pinch and get you and your buddies baked like the best of them on the go. Don’t forget what we went over. First, try your best to reduce the number of plastic water bottles you use. Next, now that you know how to make a water bottle bong, never miss an opportunity to upcycle. Finally, when you’re done smoking out of your dope new water bottle bong, recycle it. Too many water bottles end up in our oceans and here at Glass Nation, we want to do our part to keep those numbers down. We hope you’ll do the same. Keep on toking and thanks for reading!


Stay lifted –

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